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Introducing Our New Limited Edition Aluminum Water Bottle

Buy one, give one

GIVE H2O® is a company with giving as its primary goal. For every bottle purchased, another bottle is donated to a cause of your choice.



GIVE H2O® was founded as a bottled water brand intended to change the bottled water industry for the better by introducing a new sustainable design that benefits the environment and also gives back to people. People and Planet are our focus.

With thousands of different bottled water companies, we are the first to be 100% buy-one-give-one: we donate a bottle for every bottle purchased. By drinking GIVE H2O®, you can join us in changing the way bottled water is consumed and thought of.

Natural spring Water from Finland

Finland is known for having some of the best water in the world, so we set our sights on bringing it to you. Our source is a natural spring water fountain in Kyynätjärvi, which we use according to the sustainable standards Finland is known for. This ensures that the taste of GIVE H2O® is incredible, sure to satisfy water aficionados and casual drinkers alike.
Buy One, Give One
Refillable &
BPA-Free Liner
Solar Powered
Sustainably Sourced
Natural Spring Water

Our aluminum bottles are refillable, recyclable, and BPA-free.

Iconic Design for Iconic Aspirations

GIVE H2O® comes in our best-in-class aluminum bottle. We are the first water bottle and bottled water company to introduce the iconic hexagonal shape. The bottle is compact, fitting in most hands and cup holders, yet holds enough water to satisfy your thirst. Its hexagonal shape provides a nice, tactile grip that serves to make the bottle more efficient in terms of packaging. Due to this greater efficiency over typical round bottles, GIVE H2O® uses less packaging materials, making it even more sustainable.

You can refill and reuse the bottle again and again for as long as you want. The thickness of its aluminum walls keeps it from denting while also keeping your water cool. If you decide you are done using the bottle, you can recycle it like any other aluminum container.

Our partners

For every bottle purchased, another bottle will be donated to one of our partner organizations.